Website & app
Industry Sports
Project features
Login System Social Media & SMS Confirmation
Social Media Features (Follow, Unfollow, Like)
User profile managment
Custom CMS
Video Player & transcoding
Public polls
Online Payment Integration STRIPE
Package Management
Online Tournaments
XML parser
Adobe InDesign
XML and XSL integration
Push Notification (FireBase)
Private Messaging
Export: Excel & PDF
Project overview

Online magazine and social media outlet for users. The main goal is to provide editors with solid and interactive tool to write articles and engage audience, at the same time allowing audience to create their own content and connect with other users.

Technology index
Laravel Eloquent
Laravel Mix
1 Races
Web daily updates

The main module of home page where users will get all race schedules and results provided in a categorized way based on city & date. Live update as races are underway.

• Video clips of each result.
• Ability to follow horses.
• Hints & possible out comes of races.

All information of main module are adapted to mobile screen using an expandable card view.

Horse origins Galop Race program Perfomance
2 Statistics

A comprehensive statistic page with most of information related to horses and jockeys, giving user full details and insight in a clear manner.

3 Editorial content

Editors cover latest news and racing experts write columns and hints regarding upcoming races.
Each has a section in website and application for users to stay up to date.

Latest news and updates
4 Members

Horse racing fans and enthusiasts have a big place for them in the website and mobile application.
Members can create their own profile and join tournaments and compete with one another. .

Member profile
Tournaments & Leaderboard

Members will be able to join daily tournaments completing for the prize of the day.

Along side tournaments, members are ranked based on their performance in various categories.

Coupon creation

Members can join tournament and create coupons based
on horses performances.

5 Web TV

A dedicated TV web and application support showing all races video coverage.
Based on City, date, and race number.

6 InDesign/XML

We provided a clever system where editors can export all race results in XML files and directly import them
into InDesign files to publish daily papers.

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